World Pneumonia Day: Promoting health through the life-course


World Pneumonia Day: Promoting health through the life-course:

World Pneumonia Day 12 November 2018

Established in 2009, World Pneumonia Day is marked every year on November 12th to:

  • Raise awareness about pneumonia, the world’s leading infectious killer of children under the age of 5
  • Promote interventions to protect against, prevent, and treat pneumonia and highlight proven approaches and solutions in need of additional resources and attention
  • Generate action, including continued donor investment, to combat pneumonia and other common, yet sometimes deadly, childhood diseases

Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of deaths in children under five years old despite being easily preventable and treatable. Although vaccines and other preventative efforts are decreasing the burden of the disease, much more work is still required. Those living in poor communities are at highest risk of pneumonia. Every child, regardless of where they are born, deserves access to lifesaving vaccines and medicines.

Key facts

  • Pneumonia accounts for 16% of all deaths of children under 5 years old, killing 920 136 children in 2015.
  • Pneumonia can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungi.
  • Pneumonia can be prevented by immunization, adequate nutrition, and by addressing environmental factors.
  • Pneumonia caused by bacteria can be treated with antibiotics, but only one third of children with pneumonia receive the antibiotics they need.


Acute respiratory infection (ARI) and pneumonia cases by provinces (2073/74)


In FY 2073/74, a total of 1,810,722 ARI cases were registered, out of which 10.5% were categorized as pneumonia cases and 0.29% were severe pneumonia cases. The incidence of pneumonia (both pneumonia and severe pneumonia at HF and PHC/ORC) at national level was 66 per 1000 under five children. 

The total ARI-related deaths at health facilities were reported to be 176 which is more compared to previous FY 2072/73 which was 155. The ARI case fatality rate per thousand at health facility also increased to 0.28 per 1000 in FY 2073/74 compared to last fiscal year (0.08).


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