World Malaria Day 2018: #ReadyToBeatMalaria #WorldMalariaDay


World Malaria Day 2018: #ReadyToBeatMalaria #WorldMalariaDay #EndMalaria

World Malaria Day on 25 April focuses global attention on malaria and its devastating impact on families, communities and development. The theme for this year, “Ready to beat Malaria”, stresses the need to accelerate efforts to defeat malaria. Countries have committed to ending the malaria epidemic by 2030 as one of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Ready to beat Malaria underscores the collective energy and commitment of the global malaria community in uniting around the common goal of a world free of malaria.

In 2016, there were 216 million cases of malaria in 91 countries, 5 million more than the 211 million cases reported in 2015. This marks a return to 2012 levels.

Malaria continues to claim a significant number of lives: in 2016, 445 000 people died from malaria globally, compared to 446 000 estimated deaths in 2015.

Children under 5 are particularly susceptible to malaria. The disease claims the life of a child every 2 minutes.

Ready to beat malaria

Urgent action is required to get the global fight against malaria back on track.

On World Malaria Day 2018, WHO is calling for:

  • Expanded coverage of proven tools that we know work – tools that have already dramatically lowered the global burden of malaria.
  • Parallel investments in the research and development of new tools to accelerate the pace of progress.
On #WorldMalariaDay, @WHO calls for urgent action to get the global fight against #malaria 
back on  track. Expanding access to core malaria-fighting tools is needed to meet the 2030 
global health targets.


Globally, 216 million people were infected with #malaria in 2016, 5 million more than the 
previous year.  This brings us back to 2012 levels. Increased funding for malaria is needed to 
beat the disease.


#Malaria still kills a child every two minutes. No child should die because they cannot access
 life-saving services to prevent, detect & treat the disease.


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Global response to #malaria is at a crossroads. After years of success in tackling the disease, progress has stalled. On #WorldMalariaDay, 3 things needed to get the world back on track:

  • Political commitment
  • Financial resources
  • New & improved tools

WHO at 70: 7 decades in the global malaria fight

This year’s World Malaria Day coincides with the start of a year-long series of activities to commemorate the 70th anniversary of WHO.


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