Universal Health Coverage Day Funding Applications Open!


Universal Health Coverage Day Funding Applications Open: UHC Day is a global annual event organized by the Universal Health Coverage Coalition on 12 December.  In 12 Dec 2012, the United Nations unanimously endorsed a historic resolution urging all countries to accelerate progress toward universal health coverage as an essential priority for international development. UHC Day has become the annual rallying point for the growing global movement for health for all.

UHC Day 2018 Event Funding Application: The UHC Day Coordination Group (12.12 CG) of UHC2030 is looking for applications that demonstrate a passion for universal health coverage, a clear vision and plan for the event or activity, a desire to collaborate with partners and an opportunity to make a lasting impact. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS DOCUMENT:  http://bit.ly/UHCAppResources

Elements for application review;

  • Passion for universal health coverage, of course!
  • Clear vision and plan for event goal, format, participants, audience and substantive
  • Opportunity to move the UHC conversation forward, for example by: addressing
    timely/urgent issues related to UHC; spotlighting often-overlooked topics or
    populations; breaking down silos between issues and sectors; launching a new
    report/roadmap/initiative; determining concrete next steps for local action
  • Collaboration with other UHC2030 partners, organizations interested in joining the Civil
    Society Engagement Mechanism for UHC 2030 (UHC2030) or UHC Coalition and/ or
    with partners beyond the health sector, because the health system doesn’t exist in a
  • Involvement of policymakers, influencers, or other diverse expert voices (for example,
    avoid #AllMalePanels)
  • Creativity!
  • Funding request that is appropriate for the specific proposed use of funds
  • Produces lasting positive impact on a community or a lasting resource that will benefit
    UHC advocates in the future
  • Finally,UHC Coalition is seeking to fund a diverse set of event proposals overall, representing a wide
    range of countries, regions, issue areas, populations, sectors and levels (i.e., grassroots to

Funding decisions will be made by the UHC Day Coordination Group (12.12 CG) of UHC2030
on a rolling basis starting in November. 

The deadline to complete the brief application form is 11:59pm ET on Wednesday, 31 October.


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