“Telemachus” International Mentoring Programme 2018- Global Thinkers Forum


“Telemachus” International Mentoring Programme 2018- Global Thinkers Forum

“Telemachus” International Mentoring Programme 2018- Global Thinkers Forum: Global Thinkers Forum (GTF) is a global platform that brings together a diverse network of thought leaders to share their visions of the future, create meaningful conversations around them and effect positive change in the world. GTF’s mission focuses on three areas: accountable leadership, women’s empowerment and youth development. GTF is also a bridge-builder, creating opportunities for knowledge exchange, collaboration, strategic philanthropy and recognition. The Forum is non-profit, London-based and was incubated at Oxford University’s Said Business School in 2011

GTF launched officially in 2012 in Amman, Jordan, under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah and has partnered with some of the world’s top brands, organisations and foundations. It features a prestigious Advisory Board with high-profile thought leaders and decision makers from over 20 countries. GTF organises a wide range of activities including seminars, fora, roundtable discussions, workshops, networking events, mentoring programmes and its Awards for Excellence Ceremony.


Do you want to become a GTF Mentee?

If you would like to join the “Telemachus” Mentoring Programme, you should be between 18-29 or to join the “Athena” Mentoring Programme, you should be a woman over the age of 30; please write a cover letter explaining what you would like to achieve by this mentoring programme. In your letter you have to show a clear understanding of your motivation to be mentored.
You can send it directly to info@globalthinkersforum.org indicating ‘Mentee Application’ and the mentoring programme you are applying for in the title or use the link above to ‘Apply’ and someone from the Global Thinkers Forum team will be in touch with you.
If you are selected as Mentee then you need to be aware of the following:
1. You should enter this relationship with an open mind.
2. You need to be candid.
3. The relationship and everything you will share with your Mentor will remain confidential.
4. Always be punctual and respectful of your Mentor’s time.
5. Avoid defensive reaction to feedback.


As part of the Global Thinkers Mentors, GTF has created two programmes ‘Telemachus’ and ‘Athena’, that aim to add value to young people’s lives and also to the lives of women above the age of 30, through their close interaction with thought leaders and inspiring individuals.

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In this context, for both programmes GTF will pair mentors with mentees. The areas of mentoring are: Governance & Public Office, Accountable Leadership, Media, Business, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Career, Academia, Non Profit, Science.

GTF Mentees are provided with a personalized development opportunity to address individual learning needs. This opportunity will help them over a period of eight months to develop new skills and expertise, and to enhance, enrich and expand their professional and personal perspectives. GTF Mentors will help mentees also with confidence-building in dealing with challenges and issues. They will also assist with advice on career development and personal growth as well as their networking opportunities.


As a result of this process, GTF mentees will ‘graduate’ far better equipped to set goals, to aim high and achieve them!
The rules are:

1. The Mentor/Mentee relationship cannot be between individuals who work together regularly.
2. The relationship and its content are confidential
3. Mentor and Mentee need to get together (even virtually) periodically

Applications for the “Telemachus” International Mentoring Programme 2018 for young individuals aged between 18 – 29 from all over the world, are now open!

If you qualify and would like to apply to become a GTF Mentee, please register your interest through the form below. You will then be asked to prepare a cover letter explaining what you hope to achieve from this process and include your CV.

Applications for the “Telemachus” Mentoring Programme for Youth 2018 are now open and if you wish to apply please go to the section “APPLY NOW!”. 


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