Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Walk


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Walk

We are calling energetic youths who are willing to internalize Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through a trip. SDGs Walk is a youth moment with the motive to spread awareness on SDGs. It is an event primarily based on the idea of simplifying the massive agendas of different sustainable goals and familiarizing people regarding the same.

SDGs Walk is designed with the pure intention to grabs the attention of the public and sharing the information regarding SDGs. There will be 17 youths for each 17 SDGs goals. SDGs Walk aims to provide information and knowledge about the SDGs, youths engagement and internalizing the youths in SDGs localization. The participants will be engaged and internalized on the basis of their performance and innovative ideas in each 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It helps to empower youths to know their responsibilities, leadership building, planning, implementation and approaching the local budget to achieve SDGs.

Those 17 SDGians get together at the common place where there will be interaction with the community and connecting their daily activities in SDGs. Those SDGians will line up in chairs and desks and started interaction with each other. At the same time, they started SDGs musical performance. Also, they will explain about SDGs who wants to know the performance. Respective SDGians for each goal will guide the person to know his/her interested SDGs goals and to act on SDGs. They will explain their goals using the pamphlets, handbooks and booklets.
Thank you for participation!


Target group: Youths and Students
Total Participants: Only 17 for each SDGs goal
Trip Detail: May 19, 2018 at Dhulikhel
Commitment fee: RS. 1,000

Application deadlines: May 18, 2018

(Note: Selected participants will be confirmed through phone call and they must attend the orientation in SDGs Studio office at Anamnagar on May 18, 2018 sharp at 4:00 pm. For queries, contact to 01-4772111, 9846313231, 9801197552)


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