Strategic Innovation for Community Health (STICH) Programme


Strategic Innovation for Community Health (STICH) Programme

PROGRAMME DATE: 12–17 November 2018
LOCATION : Nairobi (Kenya) 6 days
FEE: Covered by The Trust
Strategic Innovation for Community Health is a novel programme for senior healthcare managers who work in the areas of primary care, chronic care pathways and community health. It is designed for people with medical, nursing, health education and public health backgrounds whose management responsibilities have increased significantly and who are faced with the challenge of developing new models of care for healthcare service design and delivery. Healthcare systems around the world are at a crossroads as the importance of the role of community health increases. Rising to the growing challenge of chronic diseases means innovating beyond the usual boundaries of acute care, which has traditionally managed episodic encounters rather than long-term relationships between providers and the populations that they serve. The premise of the programme is that a shift in the nature of healthcare services that are demanded, especially with preventable chronic diseases, requires greater integration of primary, public acute and tertiary care and new models of care to integrated healthcare services.


The objective of the Strategic Innovation for Community Health programme is to provide cutting-edge insights and thinking about: innovation as a discipline; the innovation of healthcare and prevention services; the effective implementation and adaptation of strategy; and new approaches to “systems thinking” for addressing the challenges of healthcare. Participants will gain a better understanding of their own innovation skills and how to improve and develop the innovation skills of those around them. They will develop an appreciation of how to apply process thinking in order to implement strategic visions for healthcare more effectively. They will also develop skills for patient-centred care and establishing a common vision for the care providers in their own organisations. They will explore the dynamics of strategic positioning in healthcare networks, and they will develop the seeds of ideas that can be applied in their home institutions to improve healthcare value in the populations that they serve.

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  • Self-discovery and team-development skills for innovation • A workshop approach to implementing innovation as a systematic process
  • Design thinking techniques to better understand patient needs • Communication techniques to improve patient adoption of improved care models


  • Improve innovation skills and the ability to maximise the potential of staff
  • Understand the special nature of service delivery and key levers to improve value, quality and delivery of healthcare
  • A workshop approach to implementing innovation as a practical and useful systematic processes for healthcare service innovation that adds value for patients
  • Communicate more effectively about service innovations and improve patient engagement


The programme intentionally attracts participants from a variety of educational backgrounds, organisations, perspectives and responsibilities. One benefit of the programme is interaction with peers who have different perspectives and concerns but similar challenges. Participants will typically:

  • Be senior or high-potential managers in healthcare services
  • Have 3 to 8 years of management experience
  • Be considered by their organisations to be capable of occupying positions of increased responsibility, particularly with respect to innovation.

Participants typically hold the titles of: Public Health Strategy Development Officer; Director of Nursing; Director of Primary Care; Senior Regional Officer of Public Health; NGO National Head; District Director or Director, Primary Care.

How to apply

Application deadline: 12 September 2018

Download Program Brochure [PDF]
Download Application Form [Word]


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