PEN Intervention at Primary Health Service Setting-Training Trainee’s Manual


Package of Essential Non Communicable Disease (PEN) Intervention at Primary Health Service Setting: Nepal have endorsed a commitment to align their national NCD targets towards the 2025 through the adopted Multi-Sectoral Action Plan for Prevention and Control of NCDs 2014- 2020. These include achieving the two health service targets: ensuring that 80% of health facilities have essential NCD medicines and technologies, and 50% of high-risk populations needing drug therapy and counseling. Nepal Government has committed to strengthen the PHC approach to deliver NCD services from all health facilities.

In order to support essential NCD services, Nepal has adopted World Health Organization (WHO) cost effective intervention known as the Package of Essential Non-communicable Disease Interventions (PEN) since 2016.

It contains a set of validated, evidence-based simple clinical algorithms and protocols for clinical diagnosis and management of CVDs & Diabetes, management of chronic respiratory diseases, suspected breast and cervical cancers, guidance on minimum requirements for essential medicines and affordable technologies, and indicators to measure progress. Adopted PEN also consists of protocols for behavioural interventions to address key modifiable risk factors: tobacco cessation, dietary modification, avoiding harmful use of alcohol and increasing physical activity, which can be delivered by doctors, public health professionals , nurses and other paramedics health worker (e.g. health assistant, Auxiliary health worker etc.).The both PEN trainee’s book and Trainer’s guide cover four thematic areas.

  • Theme 1: Overview of the burden of NCDs and cost-effective public health interventions
  • Theme 2 : Health education and counseling on lifestyle risk factors for NCDs
  • Theme 3: Approaches to NCD management in the PHC setting
  • Theme 4: Delivering PEN services within the health facility

Excerpt from Introduction

PEN Training Trainee’s Manual



PEN Intervention at Primary Health Service Setting-

PEN Training trainee’s Manual

Package of Essential Noncommunicable (PEN) disease interventions in Nepal

Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) Booklet


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WHO launched a new community-driven platform KAP for NCDs

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