Opportunity!! AuthorAID Grant Proposal Writing & Research Writing Course (18th April 2017)

Opportunity!! AuthorAID Grant Proposal Writing & Research Writing Course (18th April 2017)
Following the success of the third AuthorAID MOOC (massive open online course), AuthorAID are pleased to announce our upcoming online course in grant proposal writing and research writing. This is an open online course and it is free of cost. 

Who the course is for: Early career researchers in developing countries.

Main topics covered in the course: Literature review, publication ethics, making a research plan, writing a grant proposal, targeting the right journals, writing and publishing a research paper.
Course duration: 8 weeks
Course dates: 18th April to 12th June 2017
Course leaders: Andy Nobes and Ravi Murugesan of INASP, along with guest facilitators from the AuthorAID network
Complete information about the course along with enrollment instructions are available in the course announcement document. Please go through this document carefully if you are interested in the course. The deadline to enroll is 18th April 2017.

How to join the course 
Please carefully follow ALL the steps given below to join the course. 
  • Create an account on INASP Moodle if you don’t have one already. Visit http://moodle.inasp.info/login/index.php to get started.
  • You may need to wait for some time to get the account confirmation email. 
  • Please check your junk/spam email folder for the account confirmation email if you don’t see it in your inbox. 
  • When creating an account please put in an email address that you regularly use and check. Otherwise you may miss out on important course announcements which will reach you by email.
  • Login to INASP Moodle with your account: http://moodle.inasp.info/ 
  • Visit the course enrolment page: http://moodle.inasp.info/course/view.php?id=118 
  • Enter one of the below enrolment keys to join the subject-area group that most closely matches your area of work. 
  • Copy the enrollment key carefully and paste it in the enrolment key box, making sure there are no spaces or other characters. 

Health sciences / life sciences: aagroup1 

Physical sciences / formal sciences: aagroup2 
Social sciences: aagroup3 
Arts / humanities: aagroup4
  • Click the button called “Enrol me” to enroll in the course. Once you have enrolled in the course, you can begin working on the pre-course activities which you’ll find on the course homepage. 
  • On the course start date (18th April 2017), the first set of the course materials will become available. The course administrator will also make an announcement in the course on the start date with further information. 
Example : Certificate of course completion 

Tips to study
Making time to study 

Before the course begins, please plan to set aside sufficient time to work on the course. You might be taking the course alongside your work, other studies, etc. so it’s important that you treat this course as an important part of your weekly schedule and not an extra thing. Successful participants of online courses are those who dedicate time for study. For this particular course, you should plan to dedicate around 4 hours per week to go through the course lessons and complete the course activities. You may need less or more time, depending on your learning style and preferences.

Thank you for your interest in the course, and all the best!

Opportunity!! AuthorAID Grant Proposal Writing & Research Writing Course (18th April 2017)
Opportunity!! AuthorAID Grant Proposal Writing & Research Writing Course (18th April 2017)
Opportunity!! AuthorAID Grant Proposal Writing & Research Writing Course (18th April 2017)

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