National Annual Review, MoHP – 2017/18 (Presentation Slides)


National Annual Review – 2017/18 (Presentation Slides)

Objectives of National Annual Review – 2017/18

  • Jointly review the progress of Nepal Health Sector Strategy (2015/16 – 2020/2021) Implementation Plan and ensure all stakeholders develop a shared understanding of progress in the sector;
  • Identify the highest priority areas that need to be addressed to strengthen health system in the changing context; and
  • Agree on the strategic actions to be included in the next year’s Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWPB).

New Initiatives of Fiscal Year 2074/75
(PPP Page No.75-78)

  • Expansion of DHIS 2 in 1200 Health Facilities and e-LMIS in 22 Districts
  • LMIS system in 7 Provinces
  • Endorsed of Postnatal care micro planning guideline
  • Budget allocation for Sickle cell anemia in high burden districts
  • Health Desk establishment in Port of Entry
  • Expansion of C/DST lab at 3 Provinces
  • Proper allocation of budget for prepositioning of emergency items in provincial level
  • Health Promotion Strategy (2018-2030) and FCTC Drafted
  • Revision of NHT strategy and PEN Package
  • Strengthen central warehouse Initiation of Advanced Test (Molecular expansion and Genetic pathology laboratory, Cancer related special test and Allergy related tests) by NPHL
  • Short Treatment regimen for DR TB (9 months) initiated
  • M health technology and tracker for Identify, Reach, Recommendation, Test, Treat and Retain ( PLHIV)
  • Minimum Service Standards roll out at different level of health facilities
  • Declaration of local bodies with availability of 5 FP commodities
  • Strengthening of Comprehensive Reproductive
  • Health Training sites
  • Expansion of Maternal and Perinatal Death Surveillance and Response program (11 districts)
  • Scholarship Health worker placement from Province
  • Basic Health service Package endorsement
  • Public health Service Act.

Way Forward

(PPP Page No.79)

  • Finalization of O & M , Priority to Samayojan Process, Fully digitalized (Paperless) administrative procedure
  • Institutionalization of online Reporting System from Health Institution-Palika-
    Province-to Federal level
  • Functionalization of Framework Agreement procurement system for Drug/supplies -align with Insurance Mechanism and intact Supply chain
  • Coordinated Supervision and Monitoring- in all levels (federal, Province, Local government)
  • Accountable Financing– Reporting system from Province and Local Government (TABUCS)
  • Paradigm shift From Hospital to Community
    From Quality to Value
    From Health care to health

Future Priorities: Game Changers

(PPP Page No.43)

  • Free basic health care service will be ensured to all citizen
  • Specialized health services will be ensured to all citizen through the equitable health insurance scheme
  • Ensure 24/7 health care including basic emergency surgical services through primary hospital at each local government
  • Health Academy; Trauma center and a referral hospital established at each Province
  • Policy and planning: National Health Policy; Health Vision 2100 BS; 15th 5 year Plan
    Focus area: More investment in Adolescents , Better Health Financing system(Insurance), Multi sectoral approach to combat emerging NCDs.

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