MTV Staying Alive Foundation Grant


MTV Staying Alive Foundation Grant

An MTV Staying Alive Foundation Grant comes with a small amount of funding, Staying Alive training materials, a small fund to buy technical media equipment, a personal grant manager, as well as training and development. 
A Staying Alive Foundation grant comes with a financial grant of up to $12,000 per year, Staying Alive materials (including MTV Staying Alive programming and teaching kits), a small fund to buy technical media equipment, a local mentor, a personal grant manager as well as training and development.
The SAF supports youth-led organisations (led by young people between the ages of 15 and 27) that work in the field of HIV prevention. If you apply as an informal group (not registered as an NGO), you should have the support of an associate organisation as we will not deposit funds into an individual’s account. 
Grants will be awarded to small, youth-led organisations that:
  1. Are entirely led by young people under the age of 27
  2. Are community-based, grassroots organisations
  3. Educate and/or give out responsible and accurate information about HIV and AIDS targeted at young people in their communities
  4. Eliminate or alleviate the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV and AIDS
  5. Encourage young people to take concrete action to protect themselves from HIV infection
  6. Demonstrate innovation and creativity in their activities
  7. Reflect and honour the culture in which the project operates
  8. We are particularly, but not exclusively, looking to fund organisations who work with key at risk populations, including adolescent girls, LGBTs, sex workers, prisoners and injecting drug users.
We will not fund:
  1. Organisations that work with young people but which are not led entirely by young people
  2. Scholarships or college fees
  3. Doctoral or other research
  4. Projects that discriminate against people because of religion, sex, race, disability or sexual orientation
  5. Projects that focus only on abstinence as a means of controlling the spread of HIV
  6. Projects with budgets that primarily reflect a focus on capital expenditure, eg erecting buildings, creating physical infrastructure (schools, orphanages, community centres, etc) or purchasing of major equipment (such as vehicles
  7. Projects with a primary focus on delivering health care, shelter, food security or other non-education focused development initiatives

All Staying Alive Foundation grant applicants must agree to allow the Staying Alive Foundation and MTV to promote and publicise their projects. We will use compelling grantee stories to inspire other young people.

The deadline for submission is 19 January 2018 at 12pm GMT. If successful at stage 1, applicants will be invited to submit a more detailed application. Final grant winners will be announced in July 2018.

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