Leprosy Control Programme in Nepal


Leprosy Control Programme in Nepal

Goal, objectives, strategies and targets of the leprosy control programme

Vision: Leprosy free Nepal

Goal : End the consequences of leprosy including disability and stigma

Guiding principles

  • Stewardship and system strengthening
  • Expedite the elimination process in high prevalence districts
  • Collaboration, coordination and partnership
  • Community involvement
  • Integration, equity and social inclusion
  • Linkages with Universal Health Coverage and Sustainable Development Goals


  1. Achieve elimination status in all districts by 2019
  2. Expand services for early detection of leprosy cases at health facility, especially in high prevalence districts through Enhancing selected diverse approaches (ISDT)
  3. Strengthen cases-based reporting and surveillance by 2017
  4. Initiate Post-Exposure Leprosy Prophylaxis to family members and neighbors
  5. Achieve the surveillance performance indicators

Leprosy Key Message (Source: http://www.lcd.gov.np)

      1. Leprosy Key Message (Source:

    http://www.lcd.gov.np )


  1. Expand and Enhance early case detection through selected diverse approaches (ISDT)
  2. Strive to achieve the surveillance performance indicators
  3. Modernize and intensify the service delivery pathways for ensuring quality services
  4. Heighten the collaboration and partnership for Leprosy-Free Nepal
  5. Enhance support mechanism for people infected and affected by leprosy

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District-wise leprosy prevalence in FY 2073/74

A total of 3,054 new leprosy cases were detected and put under multi drug therapy (MDT) in 2072/73, of which 2,559 were under treatment and receiving MDT at the end of the fiscal year. A national registered prevalence rate of 0.89 cases per 10,000 population was reported this 2072/73 (2015/16) which is below the elimination cut-off point of 1 case per 10,000 population as set by WHO. Among new cases 109 (3.6%) had Grade 2 disability (G2D) and 220 (7.2%) were child cases.

Source of Info: DoHS, Annual Report 2072/73 (2015/16)

World Leprosy Day 2018

Updated Information 2074/75: 

Leprosy Control Programme in Nepal

Evolution and milestones of leprosy control programme in Nepal

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Leprosy Control Programme in Nepal

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