Health Education MCQs, Master of Public Health


Health Education MCQs for entrance examination of Master of Public Health, MPHN & MHP &E

1. Which is not projected aids of health education?
a. Transparencies
b. Epidiascope
c. Picture
d. Silhouette slide

2. Which is the best mass method of health education?
a. Demonstration
b. Exhibition
c. Symposium
d. Role playing

3. The three laws of learning laws of readiness law of exercise law of effect is given by
a. I V Pavlov
b. Edward throndike
c. Kurt lewin
d. Skinner

4. The introduction of various things like electricity, airplane, television etc is
a. Invention
b. Discovery
c. Finding
d. Exploration

5. In proxemic theory of communication distance ,the social distance is:
a. 0-18 inch
b. 18ich to 4 feet
c. 4-10 feet
d. 10-100 feet

6. Creative ideation is also known as
a. Brain storming
b. Work shop
c. Symposium
d. all

7. Which of the following is the objective of health education?
a. Awareness interest adoption
b. Information motivation guiding into action
c. Interest participation and reinforcement
d. Evaluation motivation and implementation

8. According to Roger’s model of adoption people pass through a series of stages for adoption
a. Awareness evaluation trial interest and adoption
b. Awareness interest evaluation trial
c. Awareness interest trial evaluation
d. Interest evaluation trial awareness

9. Which of the following is not a key element of communication?
a. Health educator
b. Community people
c. Flash card
d. Evaluation

10. Distortion of message means
a. Twisting of message
b. Loss of clarity
c. Loss of certainty
d. All of above

11. The theory of communication which has been described as a properly prepared message according to the need of the receiver is called
a. trickledown theory
b. Bullet theory
c. Fano
d. Berlo

12. Source message and receiver are the three elements of communication in the model developed by
a. Aristotle
b. Sanons
c. Schranm
d. Weber

13. Motivation to the people in changing health behavior is
a. Incentives
b. Counseling
c. Education
d. All of the above

14. Midterm evaluation is done to

a. Determine achievement
b. Assess the degree of progress
c. Correct the deviation only
d. Support programmes with resources

15. which of the following is the very effective method of health education to bring about change in health behavior of people?

a. Panel discussion
b. Symposium
c. Group discussion
d. Role play

16. Which is the best way of changing the behavior?
a. Incentives
b. Internalization
c. Identification
d. Enforcement

17. The leader who exercises absolute power and puts maximum control over the group is
a. Authoritarian leader
b. Democratic leader
c. Laissez Faire leader
d. All of the above
18. Law of readiness in the learning process is given by

a. Kurt Lewins
b. Maslow
c. E.L. Throndike
d. Buchman

19. According to AH Maslow “ Love is ………….need”
a. Physiological need
b. Safety need
c. Social need
d. Self esteem need


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