GBD Technical Workshop Scholarship 2019


GBD Technical Workshop Scholarship 2019

The Center for Health Trends and Forecasts, funded by the National Institute on Aging and housed at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, has limited funds available to support the stronger understanding and use of Global Burden of Disease estimates by social scientists in their research. The Center encourages innovative research using the GBD estimates in combination with data from other social science disciplines to produce new findings on the trends, determinants, and impact of health, aging, and longevity. It has a particular interest in subnational analyses. It also aims to develop a strong international network of contributing researchers. If you are a social scientist who wishes to attend the GBD Technical Workshop and use the opportunity to explicitly explore future research collaborations, please specify so in your application.

Scholarship options: Individuals who seek funding in order to attend the GBD Technical Workshop may apply for one or more different scholarship options, listed below. The scholarship options allow individuals the ability to customize requests to meet their unique funding situations.

  1. Tuition and academic materials: up to $2,000 USD
  2. Accommodations and meals: up to $2,500 USD
  3. Travel: up to $2,000 USD

Partial funding: Individuals who seek partial funding should apply for only one or two of the scholarship options. Partial funding would cover a portion of the cost to attend the workshop, with the remainder of the amount paid by the participant.

Full funding: Individuals who seek full funding should apply for all three scholarship options. Full funding would cover the entire cost of the workshop including tuition, academic materials, accommodations, meals, and travel.

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The likelihood of receiving a scholarship is higher for those seeking partial funding as opposed to full funding.

*Please note that funding support for scholarships is limited. IHME is only able to award a small number of scholarships.

Eligibility: CHTF welcomes scholarship applications from individuals with backgrounds in demography, economics, epidemiology, sociology, and a variety of other social sciences.  Individuals from other disciplines may apply for and receive funding from other funders through this scholarship.  Applications are welcome from across the globe. Priority will be given to individuals from developing countries (as defined by the GBD study). 

Application instructions: Applications are due Thursday, February 21, 2019, at 11:59AM (PDT). Successful applicants will be notified by March 4, 2019. Applications must be written in English, as English is the language of instruction at the GBD Technical Workshop and translation services are not available.

Please submit the following application materials through the online application form:

  1. Application Cover Form
  2. Resume/CV
  3. A statement of up to 500 words that describes your interest in the GBD Technical Workshop and how you plan to use GBD to advance population health. If you are a social scientist, please specify so in your statement.
  4. Receive a passing mark in the GBD Online Course Quiz to demonstrate completion and proficiency in GBD fundamentals through the GBD Online Course. Please note full completion of the GBD Online Course is a prerequisite to the GBD Technical Workshop and the GBD Scholarship application. Please allow 12 hours of study to complete the full GBD Online Course.
    • *Please note, instructions on how to access the GBD Online Course and Course Quiz will be provide in the online application form. Scholarship applicants will not be expected to pay for the GBD Online Course in order to complete the application.

For questions about the application process, please contact us at


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