Fully funded Doctoral Programme – The University of Verona


Fully funded Doctoral Programme – The University of Verona

Fully funded Doctoral Programme – The University of Verona: INVITE is open to early-stage researchers from any country and of any nationality who wish to embark on a doctoral programme of the University of Verona. The University of Verona will do all the best to ensure an equal treatment for all candidates.

Eligibility criteria

Few restrictions apply to candidates:

  • They must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Italy for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately before the call deadline;
  • They must hold a Master’s Degree (Master of Science or Master of Arts) or similar degree equivalent to the Italian Laurea Magistrale or Specialistica that, in their country of origin, grants access to PhD programmes;
  • They must not already hold a PhD and must have less than 4 years (full-time equivalent) of research experience.

Candidates with disabilities or specific learning difficulties

The University of Verona will apply specific measures for candidates with disabilities (e.g. blind or deaf candidates, or those suffering from any other relevant disability) and to those with specific learning difficulties (e.g. candidates diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia or dysorthographia).

Such candidates are required to notify their status during the application and should provide the University of Verona with clinical certificates issued by competent healthcare authorities or medical practitioners.

Candidates with refugee or asylum seeker status

INVITE participates in the EU initiative Science4Refugees. The period before refugee status is conferred will not be counted as a ‘period of residence/activity in the country of the beneficiary’ under the mobility rule.

The call for candidatures is open from 15 January 2018* to 16 April 2018*.

Applications must be submitted electronically by 16 April 2018 at 2 pm (Central Europe Time)* through a specific platform.

The following documents must be provided:

  • application form;
  • detailed CV;
  • copy of any Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree certificate;
  • Diploma Supplement (if available);
  • motivation and presentation letter;
  • short proposal for a research project within the advertised research areas;
  • two reference letters issued by academic professors at the university where the applicant obtained their Master’s Degree.

All documents must be submitted in English, and an English translation of any certificate and other official document must be provided.

If the prerequisites listed above are not fulfilled, the candidate may be excluded from the selection procedure at any time, even after examination sessions.

Research Area

Health and Life Sciences

  1. Genomics, Epidemiology–biostatistics, and Microbiology
    PhD programme in Applied Life and Health Sciences
  2. Biochemistry, and Clinical Proteomics and Genomics
    PhD programme in Biomolecular Medicine
  3. Cardiovascular Science
    PhD programme in Cardiovascular Sciences
  4. Epidemiology, Genetics and Pathophysiology
    PhD programme in Clinical and Experimental Biomedical Sciences
  5. Inflammation, Immunity and Cancer
    PhD programme in Inflammation, Immunity and Cancer
  6. Neurosciences, Psychological and Psychiatric Sciences, and Movement Sciences
    PhD programme in Neuroscience, Psychological and Psychiatric Sciences, and Movement Sciences

The University of Verona

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