Epidemiology MCQs, Master of Public Health


Epidemiology MCQs for entrance examination of Master of Public Health, MPHN & MHP&E

1. Which of the following is not the analytical study?
a. Cross sectional comparative study
b. Case control study
c. Cohort study
d. Prevalence study

2. Sentinel surveillance indicates
a. identifying the missing cases
b. identifying high risk group
c. surveillance of water population
d. surveillance of environmental control

3. Prevalence of disease is estimated from
a. case control study
b. cross sectional study
c. cohort study
d. randomized trial

4. The following disease have a bimodal distribution except
a. Breast cancer in female
b. Cervix cancer
c. Leukemia
d. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

5. Odds ratio is calculated in
a. Case control study
b. Cross sectional study
c. Cohort study
d. Randomized trial

6. Prevention of emergence or development of risk factors is a type of
a. Primary prevention
b. Secondary prevention
c. Tertiary prevention
d. Primordial prevention

7. The numerator is not the component of denominator in
a. rate
b. ratio
c. Proportion
d. None of the above

8. CHERNOBYL tragedy is an example of
a. Point source epidemic
b. Propagated epidemic
c. Modern epidemic
d. Continuous epidemic

9. All of the following disease are spread by droplet nuclei except
a. Influenza
b. Chicken pox
c. Anthrax
d. Q fever

10. Father of public health is
a. cholera
b. john Snow
c. Luis Pasteur
d. Typhoid

11. Among the routine vaccine of EPI which one is most sensitive to heat
a. TT
b. Measles
c. Polio
d. DPT

12. Vaccine that should be kept in freezer are
a. Polio, DPT, measles
b. Polio measles BCG
c. BCG DPT measles
d. BCG DPT and polio

13. In the epidemiological terminology human host is referred to as
a. Soil
b. Seed
c. Extrinsic factor
d. none of them

14. Level of resistance of a community or group of people to a particular disease is
a. Passive immunity
b. Active immunity
c. Herd immunity
d. None of them

15. Prevalence is a
a. Ratio
b. Rate
c. Proportion
d. Mode of diseases

16. First step of epidemic investigation?
a. Preparing case definition
b. Mapping the epidemic
c. Confirmation
d. Searching for the cases

17. Health education on early diagnosis and treatment is
a. primary prevention
b. secondary prevention
c. tertiary prevention
d. primordial prevention

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