Environmental & Occupational Health MCQs, Master of Public Health


Environmental & Occupational Health MCQs for entrance examination of Master of Public Health, MPHN & MHP &E

1. Impounding reservoir is an example of

a. Surface water
b. Rain water
c. Ground water
d. None of the above

2. According to guideline recommended by WHO for quality of water E coli in distribution system per 100 ml of water is:
a. 0
b. 50
c. 100
d. 5

3. Biological layer is present in
a. Rapid sand filter
b. Slow sand filter
c. Reed bed system
d. Mechanical filter
4. Obsolete pesticide is related to the following except:

a. expired pesticide
b. unlabeled pesticide
c. banned pesticide
d. recently discovered pesticide

5. The infectious medical waste generation rate is …….. kg/person / day.

a. 0.5
b. 0.48
c. 0.68
d. 0.4

6. Nepal ambient air quality standard for PM10 is

a. 120(24 hr.)
b. 110(24 hr.)
c. 116(24 hr.)
d. 124(24 hr.)

7. For collection of hazardous waste , color of bin is

a. black
b. yellow
c. red
d. green

8. Hottest year was

a. 2001
b. 2002
c. 2003
d. 2004

9. The dose of toxin that is lethal to half of the population is known as ..

a. LD50
b. L50
c. D50
d. LD

10. The LD50 of highly toxic substance is …. mg/ kg.

a. less than 1
b. 1-50
c. 51-500
d. 50-500

11. The “Gauli Bridge disaster” is related to

a. RTA
b. Silicosis
c. Nuclear Accident
d. Asbestosis

12. In Pnumoconiosis all are included except

a. Asbestosis
b. Silicosis
c. Anthracosis
d. Bagasosis

13. Ergonomics is related to

a. Economics
b. Agriculture
c. Engineering means to reduce occupational hazards
d. Agricultural economics
14. The acceptable level of iron in portable water is:
a. 0.1mg/l
b. 0.4mg/l
c. 0.5mg/l
d. 0.01mg/l
15. Which is correct?


16. SODIS is related to:

a. Water disinfection
b. Solid disinfection
c. Sodium
d. None of the above

17. Guinea worm is…………disease.
a. Water based
b. Water borne
c. Water based
d. Water related insect vector
18. Skin and eye infections are:

a. water washed
b. water borne
c. water based
d. none of the above

19. In air pollution there is greater risk if the particle size is:

a. smaller
b. larger
c. none
d. both

20. Which is used in HIST method of pasteurization?
a. 63 deg C for 30 min
b. 72 deg C for 15 sec
c. 135 deg for 1 sec
d. None of the above
21. Which part of atmosphere contains O3 as a major component

a. Troposphere
b. Stratosphere
c. Mesosphere
d. Thermosphere
22. Garbage is responsible for transmitting

a. Kala-azar
b. Malaria
c. JE
d. Plague

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