Director of Research and Development-The International Youth Alliance on Family Planning


The International Youth Alliance on Family Planning (IYAFP) was founded by young people and delegates at the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) in Addis Ababa  in November 2013. Our mission is to establish networks with existing stakeholders to create an accessible platform that will allow youth from around the world to contribute a significant voice to interventions  and decisions on family planning and SRHR, in accordance to FP2020. We are looking to empower young people to become global advocates with the skills, knowledge and resources needed to scale up youth-friendly initiatives.

We strongly believe that by providing youth with medically accurate information and better access to family planning and SRHR information and services, youth can be empowered to steer their lives in the direction they choose. How? By helping them prevent unplanned pregnancies, protect themselves from preventable and sexually-transmitted diseases, as well as be motivated to continue their education. As young people, our decisions about sexual behaviour and childbearing are critical to our wellbeing.

For the period of 2018-19, we have been able to appoint Country Coordinators in over 80 countries and received membership requests from over 500 young people representing over 83 countries across the world. Furthermore, we have a dedicated Executive Committee that meets bi-weekly, to discuss IYAFP matters, field membership, and to create priorities.

IYAFP Goals:

  1. To protect and promote the right of young people to quality contraceptive service and timely information.
  2. To collaborate with other youth groups (to strengthen the fabric of the groups/platforms already initiated) and to be a strategic leader for all family planning work.
  3. To be the voice of young people during policy making processes on family planning issues at local, national and international levels.
  4. To create a platform for ideas, success stories, and opportunity sharing for effective, more youth-friendly family planning interventions.

Overview of position

  • Leading the organization’s internal and external research and development
  • Collecting data about IYAFP’s work to measure our impact globally and locally
  • Analyzing and presenting data for IYAFP to continue to grow as an organization
  • Suggest changes to IYAFP’s internal strategy according to global development objectives

Education and/or Experience

  • Undergraduate/college degree required
  • Background in organizational research
  • Ability to determine type of data for collection; skills in analyzing data and creating reports with recommendations for organizational improvement and evolution
  • Demonstrated experience working with nonprofits/community/start up initiatives
  • Background in organizational development
  • Experience leading teams of volunteers or staff
  • A portfolio of work in family planning/gender justice/SRHR/international development issues
  • Positive and professional attitude, able to organize, maintain composure and prioritize work under pressure, and be able to coordinate multiple tasks and maintain attention to detail
  • Demonstrated work initiative and is able to finish tasks with little supervision
  • French and Spanish language skills are an asset

Essential Competencies

  • Knowledge in organizational research and development
  • Knowledge of research methodology (preferably related to public health).
  • Knowledge in organizational analytics
  • Leadership, management and human resources principles as they relate to non-profit/community organizations
  • Knowledge of financial and project management
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a positive team spirit; ability to work effectively in a team setting with people of diverse backgrounds
  • Ability to use initiative and independent judgment, identify and resolve problems, and exercise strong collaboration skills to develop effective solutions
  • Ability to understand and follow set requirements as put forth by the Executive Board
  • Available to meet with the Executive team every two weeks (currently on Fridays at 7:30am EST)
  • Excellent computer, software, and office skills

Scope of Work

  • Internal Research:

    • Collect internal IYAFP data to measure progress, impact, and youth reach (ex: current membership engagement website analytics, etc). This data must be easily organized and usable for regular newsletters, reports, presentations, and the website
    • Determine what types of (additional) data needs to be collected and set up systems to collect it
    • Measure impact of IYAFP as an organization
  • External Research:

    • Engage in partnership discussions (with the Director of Public Relations) to open up research opportunities for IYAFP youth (ex: Country Coordinators and members)
    • Take the lead on writing abstracts and ensure meaningful IYAFP presence at conferences (using both internal and external data collected)
    • Work with Director of Projects to determine impact of youth projects on the ground
    • Support the Empowering Evidence-Driven Advocacy (EEDA), a three-year project (2017-2020) implemented by IYAFP and Population Review Bureau (PRB)*

*remuneration available for this. Must be able to speak both English and French and have good internet connection. If you are interested in this, question number 4 below is mandatory.

Weekly Hour Commitment

  • 10 hrs weekly with potential paid extension.

Where is the office?

We don’t have one. All of our operations are in the cloud, which is what makes us a cool organization. This means you get to work from wherever you want, as long as you have internet (did someone say the beach?).

How long is this commitment?

  • We prefer that Executive members commit to 2 years.


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Wait I’m confused. So do I get paid, or no?

No. Executive members come on board in a voluntary capacity. This is how our organization was built. That being said, we are actively writing grants and constantly applying for funds to run projects. And if those funds do come in, then we look to see which Executive Members can get paid to take on the project. So that’s what ‘potential for paid extension’ means. But first, you’ll start off as a volunteer.

If you are Interested please follow the application instruction & read more information HERE


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