Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm) – CTEVT


Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm) – CTEVT

The Government of Nepal (GoN) is committed to bringing about tangible changes in access and utilization of Essential Health Care Services (EHCS), thereby improving the health status of the Nepalese population through health sector development process. Access to health care facilities continues to be a problem in rural areas as well as urban areas, especially for the most disadvantaged. Nepal’s health policy and strategy documents over the past several decades repeatedly identify issues regarding the deployment and retention of health sector human resource as a major problem that our country is facing.

The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) has been contributing towards the development of different middle level of health human resource. In this connection, CTEVT is producing Diploma in Pharmacy professional – as middle level pharmaceutical service providers. The CTEVT will award certificate of “Diploma in Pharmacy” to the candidates who successfully complete the requirements as prescribed by the council. The Diploma in Pharmacy professional will be able to work as Pharmacy Assistant in the Community Pharmacy, Hospitals and other Pharmaceutical services providing sites.


The philosophy of the Diploma in Pharmacy curriculum should be based on the development of pharmacy, as a profession for fulfilling the healthcare needs of the people with its socio-cultural impact on health. It should be based on code of conduct of Nepal Pharmacy Council. The approach should focus on pharmaceutical services for better health of the people.

Program Description

This course is based on the job required to perform by a pharmacy assistants at different levels of public and private health institutions in Nepal. The Diploma in Pharmacy program extends over three years. The first year focuses on basic science subjects; the second year focuses on basic medical science and pharmaceutical sciences. Similarly, the third year focuses on the professional practice focus courses and application of acquired knowledge and skills through comprehensive field practices in hospital, community pharmacies, drug manufacturing, regulation and quality assurance. The professionals are eligible for registration as pharmacy assistants in the Nepal Pharmacy Council. The contents of individual subjects prescribed in the curriculum are incorporated in the light of skills required for professional practice.

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Aims and Objectives

The course aims to produce middle level pharmacy human resource with perfect technical skills that can face real life situation at the level they are aimed at.

The course enables students:

  • To prepare technically competent middle level pharmacy human resource who will demonstrate excellent service attitude and respect for the profession and socio-cultural values.
  • To develop middle level pharmacy human resource for good pharmacy practice in the hospitals as well as in the community settings.
  • To demonstrate leadership in managing quality supply of pharmaceuticals and to promote rational use of medicine within the healthcare facilities and at the community pharmacies.
  • To develop middle level pharmacy human resource in order to assist in production and quality assurance of pharmaceuticals.

The course should reflect:

  • The need of pharmaceutical service for the proper care of a patient.
  • The roles and responsibilities of pharmacy assistant to improve the pharmaceutical supply system and to promote rational use of medicine.
  • The development of professionalism in pharmaceutical sector by addressing simple to complex ideas those are associated with epistemology, ontology and methodology in pharmacy.
  • Target Group SLC pass candidates and/or equivalent.

Group Size 40(Forty) students in a batch

Entry Criteria

The entry criteria are:

  • SLC or equivalent with English, Science and Mathematics as compulsory subjects. (Minimum C grade in English, Science and Mathematicsand overall ”GPA 2”)
  • Passed entrance examination organized by CTEVT.

Applicant should submit along with the following documents at the time of application:

  • SLC pass certificate or equivalent certificate
  • Character certificate
  • Citizenship certificate (for the name, parents name, age, date of birth and address verification purpose only).
  • Medical fitness certificate (at the time of admission)

Student quota for different category of students as per the policy of Nepal Pharmacy Council and CTEVT. Medium of Instruction English and/or Nepali Course

Duration of course

  • The diploma in Pharmacy program extends over three academic years.
  • One academic year consists of maximum of 39 academic weeks and one academic week consists of maximum of 40 hrs.

Those who completed General Medicine course can be eligible to sit in the entrance examination of Bachelor in Public Health (BPH) and other disciplines, but need to complete deficiency course of science conducted by Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) to be eligible for MBBS entrance examination. In order to study Bachelor in Nursing (BN) two years of job experience is required. In addition, graduates of Diploma in Pharmacy and Proficiency in Medical Lab Technology courses can be eligible for the  bachelor level in respective subjects.

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