DHS eLearning Survey Sampling Training Course – Summer 2018


DHS eLearning Survey Sampling Training Course – Summer 2018, July 01 – August 30, 2018, Online Course

The USAID-funded Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) Program is searching for potential participants to take part in The DHS eLearning Survey Sampling Training Course – Summer 2018 that will be held online from July 01 to August 30, 2018. The purpose of the eLearning course is to equip participants with the knowledge, tools, skills, and abilities to design samples for population surveys, such as the DHS surveys. The training will focus on the use of efficient tools to facilitate much of the sampling work done for probability sample surveys. Although the attention will be directed towards the Demographic and Health Survey, the acquired skills can also be used for other types of surveys.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the value and methodologies for sample surveys versus other approaches to collecting information from large-scale populations
  • Determine appropriate sample size and its allocation for nationwide sample surveys or for surveys to be conducted in a program area
  • Identify a proper sampling frame and select primary sample points
  • Update the primary sample points and select households for household based surveys
  • Calculate sampling weights based on the given sample design

Eligibility and Requirements

Prior knowledge of DHS surveys is beneficial, but not essential. However, all participants should have demonstrable basic statistical knowledge and computer skills in Excel prior to the training.  All participants must be able to understand and communicate in English. Contact SamplingWorkshop@dhsprogram.com for any questions or comments.

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Anticipated Timeline

June 26, 2018
Online application due
June 28, 2018
Selected candidates notified
July 01, 2018
Module 1 begins for selected candidates


To register for the eLearning course, click the ‘Submit a Begin a New Application‘ button below to start the application process. After submitting your application, you will receive a submission confirmation email.



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