Declaration of 4th National Summit of Health and Population Scientists in Nepal


Declaration of 4th National Summit of Health and Population Scientists in Nepal, 11-12 April 2018

‘Advancing Evidence for Changing Health Systems in Nepal’

Health research is one of the cornerstones for shaping health system that is strong, resilient, accessible, affordable, responsive and sustainable. We acknowledge that such health system contributes to achieving Universal Health Coverage. It is a foundation for harnessing demographic dividend, inclusive economic growth, prosperity, equity, social justice and quality of life. We recognize the recent political changes in the country with re-structuring of state and governance systems which provide an opportunity for advancing research and innovations to strengthen health system in the country.

Building on the foundation of health research practices in Nepal, and acknowledging the importance of harnessing evidence to strengthen national health system, Nepal Health Research Council in collaboration with a number of institutions, organized the 4th annual National Summit of Health and Population Scientists in Nepal on 11-12 April 2018. The rich discussions and deliberations at the summit highlighted the ‘need for actions’ under a number of key areas that are aimed to accelerate accomplishment of the summit theme ‘Advancing Evidence for Changing Health Systems in Nepal’.

We, the delegates, representing the Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal Health Research Council, professional councils and associations, academic institutions, bi-lateral and multilateral agencies, civil society, private sector, and individual researchers and scientists, collectively commit to the following declarations;

  1. Undertake a rigorous appraisal of health research system including available resources, institutional and individual expertise, areas of research priority, with a view to advancing research system in federal context addressing needs of different sections of population;
  2. Continue quality research for generation, synthetization and application of knowledge towards improving health system performance to contribute to achieve universal health coverage;
  3. Continue high-level political advocacy for developing Centers for Excellence in health research;
  4. Advocate for effective implementation of the international and national commitments made by the country for allocating adequate resources in health research;
  5. Promote and adhere to responsible conduct of research practices,
  6. Strengthen mechanisms to promote research capabilities of young researchers and scientists by increasing availability of research grants and capacity building opportunities and
  7. Foster partnership among academia, research institutions, private sectors and researchers to enhance research capabilities and innovations – at national and international levels – that would address federal, provincial and local health research priorities.


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