Community Monitoring and Evaluation Associate – Possible


Community Monitoring and Evaluation Associate – Possible

Impact – Achham, Nepal

Possible is seeking an entrepreneurial Community Monitoring and Evaluation Associate  to expand our population health surveillance program through data-driven systems to improve our longitudinal healthcare model. 

 Applications are being accepted on an immediate, rolling basis. 

 The organization: Possible

Possible, also known as Nyaya Health, is a nonprofit organization delivering healthcare to underserved communities in Nepal in partnership with the Ministry of Health. With over 300 full time staff, we deliver care to over 150,000 patients annually in two hospital hubs and through our community health worker network. We have witnessed dramatic results through our integrated hospital-to-home model that has helped reduce maternal and infant morbidity and mortality. We envision a future where everyone, regardless of location or income, is guaranteed universal health coverage as a human right.

Learn more about our culture and work in this feature from First Round Capital entitled  “This Culture Deck Powers the World’s Toughest Work.”

The opportunity: Are you the right fit? 

We are looking for an entrepreneurial leader who will champion our belief that we solve for the patient by ensuring quality health care is accessible for our patients. Strong preference will be given to those who can prove they can operate in fast-growth environments with limited resources. 

Most importantly, your orientation toward the work should match well with our operating values, captured by our For-Impact Culture Code. 

Lastly, you’re a believer, not an employee. And you’re looking for an opportunity to use your time and energy to transform an early stage organization and impact hundreds of thousands of lives 


1.  Atleast one year of Experience on population health surveillance systems, including enumeration, data collection, and quality assurance processes

  • The CMEA should be someone who has experience or a deep understanding of survey design, data collection/enumeration workflow and understands the importance of the accuracy and quality of the collected data.

2. Experience with data management tools

  • The CMEA should be comfortable using the full Microsoft Office suite, especially Excel
  • Knowledge or experience with mobile data collection tools is a plus, e.g., CommCare, Open Data Kit, etc.

3. Excellent quantitative and analytical skills

  • Should have strong quantitative background, as well as experience managing dynamic data sets.

4. Fluency in Nepali and English language (spoken, written, and typing)

  • The CMEA will need to effectively communicate orally and on paper with our government partners and our team members in Nepal and the US, and thus, fluency in Nepali and English is important.
  • The CMEA should have the ability to effectively communicate with non-technical persons regarding Mobile Data collection methods and their accuracy in using these methods

5. Self- Motivated and Independent Learner

  • Eagerness to learn
  • Passionate about Data-driven decision making
  • Innovative

 Required Qualification Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelors in Public Health or a related field
  • Proficiency in Excel
  • Experience working in reproductive, maternal, newborn, and/or child health research or survey is a plus
  • Experience working with mobile-based data collection tools (such as CommCare, ODK, SurveyCTO, etc), and any cloud-based data systems will be given preference. 

Management Structure:

Reports to: Senior Mobile Systems Engineer

Direct Reports: None

Dotted Line Reports: None

 Big 3 Responsibilities:

  1. Monitor data collected by Community Health Workers (CHWs) and evaluate the accuracy of the data for continuous quality improvement;
  2. Support Community Health Workers with Android based mobile data collection by minor trouble shooting, updating of the applications, and ensuring that the apps are working properly;
  3. Continuously train the Community Healthcare team on the usage of mobile applications and data collection workflows.

Areas of Responsibility (AoR)

The Achham based Community Monitoring and Evaluation Associate will report to the Senior Mobile Systems Engineer (SMSE) and work closely with the Impact and Community Health teams to be chiefly responsible for the following work:

1.      Monitor data collected by Community Health Workers (CHWs) and evaluate the accuracy of the data for continuous quality improvement;

  • Manage Community Health data in MS Excel, and web-based server or any other data management software as needed;
  • Conduct regular data cleaning for all Community Health data collected by the Community Health Workers, and ensure it is of the highest quality;
  • Create and manage a regular reporting system of data for the Community Health team, and other teams as needed;
  • Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of patients record according to organizational and national data security policies.

2.      Support Community Health Workers with Android based mobile data collection by minor trouble shooting, updating of the applications, and ensuring that the apps are working properly;

  • Maintain data collection application based on Open Data Kit platform (CommCare);
  • Work with app users (Community Health Workers, Community Health Nurses) to refine and improve those applications and perform troubleshooting as needed;
  • Work with the Senior Mobile Systems Engineer and the Community Health team to maintain and improve an iterative feedback loop (using Google Drive) for collecting input and suggestions for improvement from mobile data systems end users;
  • Provide support and training assistance for using biometric (fingerprint) scanning technology.

3.      Continuously train the Community Health team on the usage of mobile applications and data collection workflows.

  • Conduct trainings for Possible’s Community Health team on data collection algorithms and workflows;
  • Make field visits as needed, to provide on-site supervision, troubleshooting, and support to CHWs.

This job description and AoRs may be amended at any time by the employee and the direct supervisor.

The last date for Application submission is 10th May 2018

Location: Achham   

Application Process:

Please click “Apply for this Job”, follow the prompts, and supply all required information.

Email if you have any questions.

What happens after submission?

If we are interested, your submission will be responded to within 10 days. Please note that due to a large volume of applications, your application may not be responded to. If your application is advanced, we will ask immediately to set up an initial 20-minute phone interview to initiate the interview process. 


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