Climate Change and Health Awards, Wellcome Trust, United Kingdom


Wellcome Trust announces the funding opportunity for following grant. This funding supports researchers who want to explore the links between people’s health and a changing climate. 

Title: Climate Change and Health Awards

Focus areas 

To be eligible, your proposal must focus on at least one of the following areas:

1. Developing tools, data sources and other resources to support research into climate change and health 

To advance research into the links between climate change and health, it’s important that researchers working across different disciplines and in different locations have access to high-quality tools, data sources and other resources.

Examples of activities we’ll consider include (but are not limited to): 

  • creating modelling tools to understand more about the links between climate change and health
  • building, or establishing links between, datasets for climate change and health research
  • translating, digitising and/or updating existing research and resources 
  • producing or validating metrics that offer robust ways to track and evaluate the links between climate change and health.

Resources must be made openly available at the end of the funding. They should be applicable to a broad range of researchers carrying out climate and health research.

2. Assessing the health co-benefits of actions to mitigate climate change 

A growing number of studies have shown that actions to mitigate climate change can directly benefit people’s health (ie they have ‘health co-benefits’).

For example, policies that encourage walking and cycling rather than driving will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, these policies benefit health by improving air quality, increasing physical activity and reducing car crashes. Such insights can help inform climate change mitigation actions.

We are interested in proposals that assess how existing or hypothetical climate change mitigation actions could benefit health. These benefits could be expressed in health terms, monetary terms, or in other ways.

Mitigation actions can apply to any sector, including energy production, transportation, architecture, urban design and food systems. 

Proposals can focus on one or more mitigation actions, anywhere in the world.

3. Assessing the health impacts of actions to adapt to climate change 

Climate change poses many threats to human health, from severe weather and infectious disease risks to disrupted food systems and population displacement. To manage these threats, we’ll need to adapt to climate change in many areas, including infrastructure, governance and technology.

Assessing the health impacts of adaptation actions – such as early warning systems for extreme weather, or drought-tolerant crops – is still an emerging field. 

We’re especially interested in proposals that evaluate the health impacts of existing adaptations, rather than hypothetical ones. 

Proposals can focus on one or more adaptation, anywhere in the world.

Eligible for apply 

Climate Change and Health Awards are open to researchers who want to better understand the links between climate change and people’s health.

The awards are open to individuals or teams of up to ten members from anywhere in the world. 

You can apply if you’re based at:

  • an academic research organisation
  • a not-for-profit or government body
  • a private sector organisation.

Host organisation must based on: UK, Republic of Ireland, Low- or middle-income countries, Rest of the world

Level of funding: £100,000 to £500,000 (up to £1 million in exceptional circumstances)

Duration of funding: Up to 3 years

Online: Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker (WTGT).

Official announcement: WELLCOME TRUST

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