Call for Participants !! Sexuality, Gender and Rights Institute: Exploring Theory and Practices, Nepal


Call for Participants !! Sexuality, Gender and Rights Institute: Exploring Theory and Practices, Nepal

Sexuality, Gender and Rights Institute: Exploring Theory and Practices, Nepal: March 19-24, 2018

CREA’s Sexuality, Gender, and Rights Institute is an annual residential course–begun in 2007–which focuses on a conceptual study of sexuality and its application to program interventions. The Institute examines the links between sexuality, rights, gender, and health, and their interface with socio-cultural and legal issues. Participants critically analyse policy, research, and programme interventions using a rights-based approach. This year, the institute is being jointly organised by CREA, Women for Human Rights and LOOM. The Sexuality, Gender, and Rights Institute in March 2018 will be held in Nepali.


CREA- CREA is a feminist human rights organisation, based in New Delhi, India. It is one of the few international women’s rights organisations based in the global South, led by Southern feminists, which works at the grassroots, national, regional, and international levels. CREA’s mission is to build feminist leadership, advance women’s human rights, and expand sexual and reproductive freedoms. 

Women for Human Rights- WHR is an organisation set up in 1994 to address the rights of Single Women (widows) in Nepal. WHR works to raise the legal, social and economic status of single women and advocates for access to and benefit from legal and human rights justice. The organisation develops and enhances confidence, self-esteem and capabilities of single women to ensure their social inclusion in development activities at decision making levels.

LOOM – LOOM works towards harnessing the collective power of women through multi -generational activism, where activists across ages and experiences connect, organise and transform structures that obstruct our equality. Registered in 2010, we are a platform that recognises the diversity and intersection of Nepali women and collaboratively engages to dismantle the power hierarchy, sustain activism, and build progressive movements. Loom is a group of individuals and organisations dedicated to movement building, young women’s leadership, Sexuality and bodily integrity, LBT rights and feminist politics of the Internet. LOOM works at local and national levels.

Course Content:

Sexuality is a complex field of study, which spans multiple disciplines and areas of work. Accordingly, the course content of the Sexuality, Gender, and Rights Institute will focus on a conceptual and theoretical study of sexuality, and its interconnectedness with gender, reproductive health, the law, sex work, conflict, migrations, caste, disability, diversities and human rights. Activists and academics will teach the course using classroom instruction, group work, case studies, simulation exercises, fiction, and films. All the sessions will be conducted in English.


For the Institute, 25-30 participants will be selected from all over Nepal, based on their application forms and their ability to demonstrate how they would apply the lessons of the Institute to the work they do. Individuals working on issues of sexuality, LGBT rights, sexual rights, sex workers rights, HIV/AIDS, violence against women, health, and/or gender are eligible to apply. Participants are required to stay for the duration of the course. Participants are required to be proficient in Nepali.

Venue and Dates:

The Sexuality, Gender, and Rights Institute will be held in Kathmandu, Nepal from March 19 – 24, 2018. Participants are expected to arrive by 18th March evening and leave on 24th March after 4.00pm.

Accommodation and Travel:

CREA will reimburse the cost of travel and provide accommodation/food for all participants during the institute. There are no registration fees for this institute. 

Selection Process:

Please submit your application as soon as possible. Participants will be selected on the basis of their application and relevant work experience.

For application form in ENGLISH, download here.
For application in Nepali, click here.

Applications are due on or before February 18, 2018. Applications received after this date will not be considered. Applicants will be informed about the selection decisions by February 28th, 2018.

Contact: SGRI Nepal, Email:


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