Call for proposals for self organised activities during PHA4


Call for proposals for self organised activities during PHA4

Civil society mobilization and policy dialogue for health equity and accountable national and global governance.

The structure of the PHA4 program will provide a space for self-organized activities. In the afternoons of the PHA4, organizations and networks are offered the opportunity to organize a workshop/session. Partner organizations/networks are invited to express interest and will be able to submit proposals  from  April 2018.
Proposed themes for such sessions, will have to be in sync with the broad themes of PHA4. Activities can include combination of different formats, including cultural presentations, case studies, testimonies, etc.

Thematic Axes of PHA4

  1. The political and economic landscape of development and health
    2.    Social and physical environments that destroy or promote health
    3.    Strengthening health systems to make them just, accountable, comprehensive, integrated and networked
    4.    Organizing and mobilizing for HFA; struggles and resistance

Principles for self organised activities

Self organised activities should conform to the Peoples Health Charter (in terms of broad positions/objectives proposed in the activity).

  • Each activity will be for 2 hours. Organisations can propose, up to a maximum of 4 activities. Two activities can be organised over sequential sessions on the same day. Multiple organisations can join together to propose an activity.
  • Proposals can ask for varying sizes of venue – ranging from those that accommodate 50 people to those that accommodate up to 200 people.
  • Proposers of self organised activities will be asked to contribute to the costs of the PHA4 in two ways:

o    by making a contribution to the infrastructure costs; 
o    by supporting the participation of delegates in PHA4.

Cost of self organised activities

Contributions for each activity (of two hours) are as follows:

Venue of 50 people  + 2 sponsored delegates


Venue of 100 people    


+ 5 sponsored delegates


Venue of 200 people


+ 10 sponsored delegates





  • Submit a proposal for self-organised workshop
    •    A Sub-committee of the PHA4 Programme Committee to examine proposals received
    •    Organisations with limited resources can seek a waiver from making a contribution (partial or near-total). The sub-committee will decide on the waiver.

The closing date for receiving proposals is 15th July, 2018. Applicants will be notified about the status of applications by 15th August 2018.

Please note that the proposals will be short listed based on their individual merits and their contribution in enriching the PHA4 programme. It is not linked to payment, and as noted earlier, applicants can apply for almost full or partial waiver of costs indicated. Those seeking waiver will however need to pay a minimum token amount of USD 250.


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