Provisions of the Aama and Newborn Programme in Nepal (Revised)


Provisions of the Aama and Newborn Programme in Nepal

For women delivering their babies in health institutions:

  • Transport incentive for institutional delivery: Cash payment to women immediately after institutional delivery (NPR 3,000 in mountains, NPR 2,000 in hills and NPR 1,000 in Tarai districts). *Started from FY 2075/76 (Transportation incentives doubled from budget speech)
  •  Incentive for 4 ANC visits: A cash payment of NPR 800* to women on completion of four ANC visits at 4, 6, 8 and 9 months of pregnancy, institutional delivery and postnatal care.
  • Free institutional delivery services: A payment to health facilities for providing free delivery care. For a normal delivery health facilities with less than 25 beds receive NPR 1,000 and health facilities with 25 or more beds receive NPR 1,500. For complicated deliveries health facilities receive NPR 3,000 and for C-sections (surgery) NPR 7,000. Ten types of complications (antepartum haemorrhage (APH) requiring blood transfusion, postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) requiring blood transfusion or manual removal of placenta (MRP) or exploration, severe pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, MRP for retained placenta, puerperal sepsis, instrumental delivery, and management of abortion complications requiring blood transfusion) and admission longer than 24 hours with IV antibiotics for sepsis are included as complicated deliveries. Anti-D administration for RH negative is reimbursed NPR 5,000. Laparotomies for perforation due to abortion, indicated or emergency C-sections, laparotomy for ectopic pregnancies and ruptured uteruses are reimbursed NPR 7,000.

For newborns:

A payment to health facilities for providing free sick newborn care. Facilities are reimbursed for set packages of care: Packages 0, A, B and C costing nothing, NPR 1,000, NPR 2,000 and NPR 5,000 respectively.

Health facilities can claim a maximum of NPR 8,000 (packages A+B+C), depending on medicines and diagnostic and treatment services provided.

Incentives to health workers (to be arranged from health facility reimbursement amounts):

  • For deliveries: A payment of NPR 300 to health workers for attending all types of deliveries.
  •  A payment of NPR 300 to health workers for providing all forms of packaged services.

Source of Info: Annual Report Department of Health Services 2072/73 (2015/2016)

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