2018 Yenching Social Innovation Forum, Beijing, China


2018 Yenching Social Innovation Forum, Beijing, China: “Smarter Living: Cities, Jobs, and Health for the Future”


The ways we work and live are rapidly changing. Around the globe, new digital and “smart” technologies — from ride-sharing to artificial intelligence — are reshaping transport and how our cities and towns will function in coming decades. Co-working, distributed workforces, and the “gig economy” are making employment more mobile and flexible than ever. However, workspaces must be inclusive as well as productive.

Creating quality jobs and city spaces also strongly affects public health. China is a prime example: the country’s economy is growing fast, but urban pollution, water, and food safety issues remain.

The interconnected and evolving nature of our cities, economies, and well-being form the theme for the 2018 Yenching Social Innovation Forum. Inspired by the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals 3, 8, and 11, we invite young innovators to Beijing to learn, network, and pitch solutions for “Smarter Living: Cities, Jobs, and Health for the Future.” 

YSIF delegates can bring a wide range of solutions to this year’s forum. We are interested in early-stage startups as well as unproven ideas. Please see our application form for details. Solutions can focus on:

  • Workplace productivity
  • Equitable and accessible work
  • Remote work
  • Job-seeking and hiring
  • Work-life balance
  • Co-working, shared spaces, or renting
  • Movement in cities
  • Safe and healthy working conditions
  • Air pollution in cities
  • Water quality in cities
  • Green architecture or landscaping
  • Urban farming
  • Eco-friendly design, infrastructure, or construction
  • Community health care/health provision
  • Corporate health care

Solutions are not limited to this list! Creative ideas in other areas are welcome.

The priority deadline for applications is September 10. (Applications received by this date will be reviewed first.)

The final deadline is September 17. (We will consider apps received by this date to fill remaining spots and create a waitlist.)


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