2011 Nepal Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS)

The 2011 Nepal Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) provides up-to-date information on the population and health situation in Nepal. The 2011 NDHS is the fourth National Demographic and Health Survey conducted in the country. Repeated surveys allow for an analysis of trends over time. The survey is based on a nationally representative sample. It provides estimates at the national, ecological zone, developmental region, and in some cases, sub regional levels.


  • Total fertility rate 2.6
  • Women age 15–19 who are mothers or now pregnant (%) : 17 
  • Median age at first marriage for women age 25–49 (years) : 17.5 
  • Median age at first intercourse for women age 25–49 (years) :17.7 
  • Median age at first birth for women age 25-49 (years) 20.2 
  • Married women (age 15–49) wanting no more children (%):73 
  • Mean ideal number of children for women 15–49 2.1

Family Planning

  • Current use of any modern method (currently married women 15–49) (%) : 43 
  • Currently married women with an unmet need for family planning (%) : 27

Maternal and Child Health

  • Maternity care (women who gave birth in past 5 years) Received antenatal care from a skilled provider (%) : 58 
  • Births assisted by a skilled provider (%)  : 36 
  • Births delivered in a health facility (%) : 35 
  • Child vaccination Children 12–23 months fully vaccinated (%) : 87


  • Children <5 years who are stunted (moderate or severe) (%) : 41 
  • Children <5 years who are wasted (moderate/evere) (%): 11
  • Children <5 years who are underweight (moderate/severe) (%) : 29 
  • Median duration of any breastfeeding (months) : 33.6 
  • Median duration of exclusive breastfeeding (months) 4.2 3
  • Prevalence of anemia in children 6-59 months (%) : 46 
  • Prevalence of anemia in women age 15-49 (%) : 35

Childhood Mortality (Number of deaths per 1,000 births)

    • Infant mortality (between birth and first birthday) : 46 
    • Under–five mortality (between birth and fifth birthday) : 54

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